Dekiru Art

Welcome to Dekiru Art, a space where I share our drafts and creations for Anime and Manga. The word Dekiru means “can do”.

As an avid fan of anime and manga, I am constantly inspired by the amazing artwork and storytelling that these mediums have to offer. I am passionate about creating my own artwork and sharing it with other anime and manga fans.

In addition to sharing my artwork with you, I also have an anime gift shop where I design and sell items featuring my own anime art and logo. Whether you are looking for a unique piece of artwork, or a special gift for an anime fan, I hope you will find something that interests you in my store.

Contact me if you are interested in commissioning a piece of artwork. I am always happy to discuss potential projects and ideas. My work has already been featured in a few online outlets.

Thank you again for visiting Dekiru Art. I hope you will continue to follow my journey as a creator.

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Dekiru Art Anime Gifts

  • Idea

    Based on the brief, my summer project choice was an animated drawing. Then I thought, what if I add a logo? I did. I quite liked this result and I thought it would look great as a website banner. So I created this website.

  • Process

    Create a website where I can upload my drafts, finished pieces and spend time designing clothing when I am bored and not allowed to go to Tiktok or Youtbe.

  • Mission

    I added this column to fill space and see who gets this far to read the website.
    Joke aside, my aim is to share my art and learn a skill or two. Maybe meet Banksy or Genshin Impact team one day.