These images are a collection of our art. Each image was first drawn in paper with a pencil. Then in an Ipad, the prototype was turned into an animation using various design pieces of software.

Everything started with this image. My school assignment was to create a simple animated drawing and I did it. However, once I created the animated face, I added a layer in the background, then I thought, what if I add movement? So I added it. Then I added Dekiru in Japanese along with the word Art to add some context I guess. 
At the end I preferred the yellow logo to be the definitive one.
From here, I created a website and the rest.
This is a draft to show how I create a character on an Ipad.
This is an anime character not inspired in a real person. It is part of my sister project called "7 Deadly Sins" (coming soon!).
This is my sister and one of her best friends. 
This is inspired by my sister's best friend and also a good friend of mine. Someone we grew up with and we very much love. In this picture, I wanted to show some of her qualities, she loves changing her hair to different shapes and sometimes colours too. She loves bright colours and she is always happy.
Dekiru Art Japanese Art.
Japanese Style Drawing made using Canva and my own designs.
This is a dynamic image. However, I don't know yet how to upload a video. This character was inspired by Genshin Impact.